6 Cool Smart Car Gadgets / Accessories for 2019

 smart accessories-gadget for car

Travelling to work on week days or going for vacations at some distant place, Long Drives can be tiring and boring sometimes…!!!

So why not to jazz up your car a little with the latest gadget accessories for car, so your long drives will be an enjoyable luxurious experience. Many new smart gadgets for car have rocked the accessories market for the year 2019 with a lot more newer features, which will give your travelling a pleasant and relaxing experience.

Stay tuned to see the best top 6 latest car Gadgets and Accessories to transform your car into smart car…

Smart Car Gadget 1 : Touchscreen Smart DVD Player with many awesome features


Like to watch movies, listen powerful music from online or want to play directly from your mobile or tablet then you should definitely check out these 7 inch smart DVD systems. These portable gadget screen’s are HD touch screen running on Android fitted with good processor , ram and good internal memory.

These Car DVD CD Player comes with AM FM Radio Tuner, they Support iPhone 4s, 5, 5c, 5s and 6 Airplay with audio input. You can play music or video via SD card or USB. With the different brands some have Built-in GPS navigation with dual zone function, Bluetooth for hands-free phone call and music playback feature available with Support from Steering Wheel Control button. Some brands supports internet surfing via 3G/4G or WiFi Hot-spots.

Check out the smart car charger detailed description-1. StunningAlways Recommended 7 Inch Smart Touchscreen DVD Player for approx 230$ and

2. Bluetooth DVD Receiver  7 inches for approx 110$ or

3. Get the best car DVD systems here from 100$/3000INR onwards for the best brand and features
Smart DVD

 Smart Car Gadget 2 : Zus Smart Car Charger and Locator


This little gadget truly works double duty. It charges any device on-the-go using an ultra-fast USB that juices batteries at two-times normal speed. Then, using its smartphone app, Zus acts as a honing device for finding your car where you last left it. You don’t need to keep searching for your car inside the huge parking lots. With its powerful battery charging capacity it makes sure that you never run out of phone battery.

Continues to work when it’s plugged into the socket with or without the ignition on, it also provides durability with military grade titanium coating and also features top-quality lighting for visibility in dark environments
Key Features-
1. Charges 2x normal charging speeds
2. You can find your car in parking
3. Works in high temperatures with built-in cooling system
4. Sends you notification about your parking time left. 
5. Designed in Germany and made with German materials
Check out the smart car charger detailed description for approx 36$ on the link here

For India here to get car charger with 3 charging slots available from Rs.200 onwards


Smart Car Gadget 3 : Car Plug-In Air Purifier


Want to come inside your car any time and want to feel fresh…!!! Than this is the gadget for you. your car will be smelling fresh and clean with this Car Plug-In Air Purifier. Its built-in ionizer will boost your vehicle’s air quality, zapping foul odors and filters out irritating allergens like dust and pollen. With this purifier eliminating unhealthy pollutants, you’ll breathe much easier while cruising down the highway.

After it is plugged in, it quickly improves air quality with the built in ionizer which Removes odors left behind by pets, sweat, food, exhaust, etc. Scrubs allergens from the air, like dust, dander, bacteria, pollen, etc. Eliminates cigarette and cigar smoke within seconds. Plugs into your car’s outlet
Produces no fragrances while cleaning the air giving a clean natural air feeling.

Check out the Smart Car Air Purifier detailed description-

1)  for approx 19$ .
2) On Stack Social its available for around 19$
For India here is the link to get the car air purifiers starting from Rs.1000 onwards

Smart Car Accessory 4 : Portable rotating flexible Tablet/Phone holder


Want to enjoy movie without straining your neck on the long drives…? 
Then ‘Tablet Holder’ is the accessory for your car. It holds wide range of tablets/phones(from 5 to 10 inch’s). This Tablet holder will transform your tablet into a perfect in-car entertainment system which is fully adjustable with 360 degree rotation for quick portrait and landscape view. 

These car tablet holders are compatible with Ipads, Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC or any other tablet PC. IPad Mini or any 7-9 inch tablet also fits properly by inserting in ‘portrait mode’.

Check out the Tablet Holder detailed description with price-

Available On Amazon  for approx 9.99$ .

Other Brands and options are available on the link here

For India here you can get the tablet holders-


Smart Car Gadget 5 : Solar Powered Car Cooler 

Buy-Solar Powered Car Cooler
These small gadgets run on clean energy directly from the sun via the highest efficiency adjustable solar panel, which assures optimum air movement performance. Some of these solar coolers are fitted with dual turbo fan design which moves large volume of hot and odorous air out of your parked vehicle under the sun. These gadgets guarantees to keep your car cooler under the sun. Some of the brands offer up to 10 year warranty on solar panel and 1 year on frame and other components.
Window mount design fits virtually on all vehicles. Easy to install and they hardly take few seconds to start.

Check out the smart car charger detailed description with price-

1) Our recommendation for solar air cooler On Amazon  for approx 88$

2) Other brand options are available from 10$ onwards ( We recommend to not buy cheap ones and go for branded one’s).

For India here you can get solar fans starting from Rs.600 onwards


Smart Car Gadget 6 : Automatic Smart Driving Assistant

Automatic Smart Driving Assistant
Like to explore new places or you travel a lot while you are not working then you should have one Smart Driving Assistant for your car. Smart Driving Assistants have cellular and GPS technology to pinpoint your car location. They come up with features like Interactive Live Map, Real-time location and trip history for connecting with friends and family anytime, anywhere. Depending on the brands, some supports the view from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.



 Vehicle Alerts are also a feature in most of the brands. You get on-demand notifications via app, text and email about car location, engine and battery health, fuel level, top speed, hard breaking and more. 

These smart Driving assistants are easy to use, some brands come with the pluggable key which can go inside diagnostic port under your dashboard and you can know the overall health of your Vehicle.


Check out Smart Driving Assistant detailed description with price-1) Our Recommended Smart Driving assistant on Amazon for approx 175$

2) Check Out many different brand options for approx 80$ onward here

For India here is the link for driving assistant, available from Rs. 8000 onwards

These gadgets will not only jazz up your car, but also make your car journey more comfortable and enjoyable. So try these car gadgets and accessories for a more comfortable luxurious experience in your car long drive.
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