Backpacking Guide For Romantic Beach Destination, Maldives


World's one of the best tropical island paradise is blessed with blue ocean water, amazing marine life, beautiful coral reefs with soothing tropical weather all year round. StunningAlways presents a trip planner guide along with our own personal travelling experience for guiding you in planning an incredible trip to the world's one of the Best Beach Destination, MALDIVES...

A Small Intro About The Stunning Maldives..


Maldives is a beach paradise popular for spectacular white sand beaches, blessed with more than 1100 beautiful small islands with the crystal clear turquoise water. The coral reefs and marine life in the Maldives ocean water are one of the best sights you will experience in your lifetime. It is a place where you can escape from real world hustle and just relax on the beach taking sun bath with ornate trees surrounding you.

By the end of this tour guide article, you would know...

- How to reach Maldives

- VISA process in Maldives

- Eating options for vegetarians and non-vegetarians in Maldives

- How to choose travel options in Maldives from Airport to your stay island

- Amazing sightseeing places

- Which water and ocean diving activities can be done in Maldives

- How to Choose best Hotel/ Resorts for stay

- How you can have a Maldives trip in your budget

And all above mentioned points combined with our own personal Maldives travel experience.

So here starts 4 days and 3 nights tour Of Maldives....

Day 1: Landing at Mesmerizing Maldives

The journey usually starts after reaching at any destination, but for us it started 10 mins before landing down at Male International Airport. The Most amazing stunning view from the plane window gave us a beautiful sight of a lifetime, the blue ocean greeted us with white sand beaches, water waves…all together making a beautiful moment for all the arrived tourist just before landing.

We emphasize that you see through the window of your aircraft just before landing at airport to get the glimpse of the aerial view of the beautiful Maldives islands.

VISA Process In Maldives

VISA process is quite simple in Maldives, the tourist get visa on arrival for Maldives, the tourist visa approval is permitted for 90 days, also there are no processing fees charged, its free.

Eating options at Male international airport and in Maldives islands.

In some cases, tourist may be required to stay for longer hours at airport while waiting for their boat/ferry/sea plane, for taking them to their stay islands. So meanwhile visitors can explore the airport area and food options.

The options for the non-vegetarians are many like fish sandwiches, Thai dishes having rice with fish and chicken options. These all non-veg varieties are available for non-vegetarians.

For vegetarians, the eating options are very few like veg pizza, Burger (we found only 1 veg burger option and that too it didn’t tasted good) and thai rice. 
Please be aware while ordering and eating burgers/pizza at Male airport because only 1 veg option is available and rest all options are non-veg burger options containing beef, chicken, salmon or fish.

At Resorts/Hotels, sea food options are many with few veg options, do check with your booked hotels/resorts for your choice of food

Transfers from Maldives International Airport to your stay Island Resort/Hotel

There are 3 ways tourists can travel from airport to their hotel/resort in Maldives-

1) Sea Plane-The Sea plane is the fastest and most amazing way to reach to the island where your resort/hotel would be situated.
Cost- The sea plane is the costliest travel option here, it costs around 300$ to 550$ per person for 2 way ride. 


2) Speed boat -The Speed boat transfers are the most common mode of transport highly used by resorts and hotels in Maldives.
Cost– The cost of speed boat varies with regards to distance in km from male airport to the island where you have booked your stay. The range starts from 30$  and in some case goes up to 180 $ for pickup and drop per person.

3) Public ferry -Public ferry is used by tourist to go on big specific islands only because public ferries don’t go on private islands.
Cost– The public ferries are the cheapest travel option here, it cost around 2-4  $ per person per side.

We suggest that you choose priority wise first as speed boat, then choose sea plane and lastly go for public ferry.

The Reason for emphasizing on speed boat transfers is that, Maldives has great ocean waters and amazing beautiful islands, so if you would be travelling by speed boat then you would be able to get good view with amazing feel of the ocean waters and waves. 

Budget Tip- Choose public ferry only in case when your stay resort/island is situated on big local native islands or if you want to cut short your budget to minimum, else keep speed boat as your 1st priority to reach to your private island resort/hotel.

Our Thrilling Experience of traveling in a speed boat:
Speed Boat Rides from airport to our stay island resort was exciting as we experienced crystal clear blue oceans, powerful winds, amazing ocean waves combined with super-fast speed boat ride… together this combination gave us high adrenaline rush…

Traveling in speed boat is one of its kind thrilling experience on Maldives ocean waters, the speed boats are very fast with their top speed at around 70 km/hr. Throughout your speed boat ride journey, you would see the beauty of Maldives with many small islands with amazing resorts having beach side cottages and water villas situated on white sand beaches.

Our Maldives Trip Experience Starts...
Most of the Maldives tourist will have a similar experience like ours, so you can relate our experience with how your experience will be as tourist in Maldives…

Day 1-  Evening At Beach Side :
Our resort speed boat dropped us at the walkway deck of our island, the island was beautiful like most of private islands in Maldives, it was surrounded by white sand beach on all its sides, the crystal-clear water gave us the look of the 10 to 15 feet’s shallow ocean bed from the walkway deck, here we were greeted by 100’s of fishes, ocean grass, coral reefs in combination with white sand patches on both sides of the walk way deck towards resort.

We spent our evening by sipping in tea on the beach side while enjoying the beautiful sunset with mesmerizing pleasant breeze.

Mostly all 3 nights that we spent on the resort island, we spent all nights in gazing the big open sky with visibility of millions of stars in the sky above the ocean waters, the combination of ocean waters and the sky is mesmerizing, as we hardly get to experience such a beautiful big sky view from our modern-day cities.

Day 2 - A Day We Spent For Body Refreshment And Relaxation
Early morning on Day 2, we got up to have a beautiful sunrise view from our island, we spent this day in leisure with body refreshing activities like swimming in waters around the beach, taking bath in ocean, sitting beach side by just watching the waves come and go on the beach shores.

The water feel while swimming in Maldives is pleasant all year round with average temperature around 29 degrees.

Day 3: Adventurous Water Activities and Scuba Diving
We planned lots of water activities to be done on this day. We visited an ‘picnic island’, a term used by resorts in Maldives for taking their visitors to nearby small islands for day tour and picnics. Some picnic islands have eateries, restaurants and in some cases resorts also provide a beautiful table chair sitting arrangement specially for couples. We did swimming on our trip to picnic islands and then we did the island tour and clicked lots of photos. We ended our day with one of the most exciting water diving activity… ‘Snorkelling’.

StunningAlways recommends all Maldives visitors to experience snorkeling  and scuba diving. The cost of scuba diving is usually around 180$, so in case of budget constraints at-least do expirence Snorkelling in Maldives ocean water.

Experience of Snorkeling:
Our trainer gave us a face mask, that would help us breath oxygen from above the water surface while we would put our face inside the ocean waters.
The underwater world is amazing and beautiful, we were fascinated by 100’s of different fish species, coluorful coral reefs.

One of the best destinations in the world to experience under water 'Marine World' is 'Maldives'.


Day 4: Good Bye..The Jewel of Beach Destinations..Maldives

Finally, on our last day we enjoyed the last sunrise of Maldives and had an amazing beach walk near the white sand beach shore.

Then, after our breakfast we packed our luggage’s, reached to our speed boat to get back at international airport. Again on our way back to airport from our resort, the speed-boat ride was exciting and fun like the time when we arrived 3 days back.

From our flight, we again made sure to not miss the beautiful aerial views of the islands as our plane hovered at lower altitudes of the beautiful Maldives islands.

How to choose the best Hotel or Resort for your budget range in Maldives:

The hotel range starts from 29$ up to around 170$, while private resort stay starts from around 200$ per day up to as high as 3600 $ for 5-star resort stays.

a) Guide for choosing best hotels
If you want to stay in hotels or are choosing hotel stays for reducing trip expenditure, then foremost important point to keep in your mind is that, hotels are situated on big islands where natives also live, so along with the Maldives sightseeing and sports experiences, you would also be living with the natives there, so living with natives is what most of tourists won’t prefer, but if you are on budget crunch or if you are enthusiast about living with natives, then you can choose to stay in hotels.

Good places for Hotels in Maldives would be Male City, Maafurshi, Diffushi, Gan and few more.

b) Choosing Best Resort Stays:
StunningAlways recommends to choose a private resort for your stay and not hotels, as resorts would give a far more luxurious experience with good privacy on sun bathing and swimming on beaches.

There are many good resorts in Maldives, mostly all the resorts in Maldives are situated on the private islands, giving you a luxurious living experience with close walk-able access to beach. The 3 star resort stays start from 160$ per day and goes up to 3600 $ for the best 5 star stay experience in Maldives.

Points to keep in mind while choosing resorts in Maldives 

1-Proximity to Airport : Choose resorts that are closer to airport rather than stay at really far-fetched resorts, as the more further you choose your resort, the more would be your traveling cost of speed boat.

We recommend that preferably choose resorts stay within 45-60 mins of speed boat travelling maximum.

2- Food availability for vegetarians: Maldives is famous for sea food owing to availability of large variety of fishes, so vegetarians have a tough time eating in Maldives. We are vegetarians, so the only veg options that we got was to eat dal, rice, curry, chapatti. So whichever resort you book, make sure that it has at least few veg eating options in case if you are vegetarians.

Places for Sight Seeing and Water Activities in Maldives

Maldives is one of the best international destinations for beaches, so you would see world’s many best beaches in Maldives. Resorts on the Private islands have their own private beaches, so men and women can wear swim suits and take sun bath with ease and comfort. The beaches here are amazing and beautiful with crystal clear blue waters and crystalline white sand. On our visit we were amazed to see the beauty of Maldives beaches.

Maldives has an island situated around 40-50 km from Male international airport, where you can see the florescent sparkling water near the beach shore during late evening and night time. 
Here visitors can experience world’s one of the most amazing night  glowing beaches at Maldives.

The world is astonishing with many good beautiful beaches, while handful of those beaches are the ones that glow during night time, and few of such beautiful glowing beaches beautiful can be experienced in Maldives. Maldives have Reethi and Vaadhoo Beach are the few good beaches to explore glowing night beaches in Maldives.

Lots of Amazing Water activities and Ocean Diving Activities in Maldives

Being an amazing beach destination, Maldives offers lots of water and ocean diving activities.

The water activities that are available in Maldives are jet ski, para-sailing, sunset sailing, kayaking, sun set cruise sailing, dolphin safari, night fishing and many more activities.

The ocean diving activities are snorkeling and scuba diving. We did snorkeling and it was one of the best life experiences, even though if you don’t know swimming still snorkeling can be enjoyed in ocean waters under your trainer’s supervision.

Now you know so much about the world's one of the most beautiful beach do plan your next vacations here...
We hope this 'Maldives Tour Guide' article have been informative and helpful for you to know smallest interesting facts and information about MALDIVES... Do plan one visit soon and let us know your experience. 

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