Get Glowing Clear Pimple Free Skin-10 Easy Natural Remedies

How To Get Rid of Pimples
The skin that is most difficult to deal with is, oily skin. People with oily skin are more prone pimple and it gets difficult for them to manage their skin, as the oily skin is more prone to pimples/ acne (Specially during Teenage). The people having the oily pimple prone skin can get rid of the pimples and have a beautiful glowing clear skin, with our easy home remedies coupled with healthy foods suggestions and diet tips. Our tips and suggestions are easy to follow and will definitely help you towards getting clearer skin with each day passing. Also, you need to know that getting clear skin is a process, it won't happen overnight, so you need to follow our suggestion's with proper regular discipline. In few weeks you will notice your skin getting cleaner, clearer and healthier. By following these easy home remedies you will understand how you can reduce, avoid and get rid of pimples to get a beautiful glowing skin. 

So here are 10 easy Home Remedies to get rid of pimples, these tips will not only make your skin clear pimple free but also it will improve your overall body health.

1) Include salad in daily diet

Include carrots, cucumber, and tomato in your diet before eating lunch and dinner. Many researches have proved that people regularly eating salad have more healthier skin glowing. Also carrot, cucumber and tomato are good for your overall body health and eyes health.

2) Include Fruits and Veggies

home remedies for pimples-include fruits
Fruits like oranges, sweet lime, strawberry, kiwi etc are excellent sources of vitamin C and have lots of Fibers. Veggies like Peas, cabbage, beets, sweet potato, broccoli, corn or green bean have lots of fibers. Fibers helps in good digestion of the food and increase metabolism, so the impurities will be washed out from your body, there by improving your skin health as well. Also regular intake of fruits and veggies will have overall health benefit on you body, skin and hairs .

3) Light Exercise daily For 15-30 Minutes

home remedies for pimples
Exercise and healthy fit body go hand in hand. Exercises will release good stress fighting hormones and regulate the glands controlling our body functions. Exercise will release the bad toxins out of your body in form of sweat, which are responsible for acne and pimples. So make it your routine to do light exercise daily. You can choose from the various exercises routines like walking, cycling, swimming to stay fit and lose unwanted fats. You may be interested to know, 9 Easy diet tips to lose weight easily to get fit beautiful body.

4) Use oil control face wash for atleast twice a day

get-rid-of-pimples-with best-facewash
The use of the right face wash is really important for getting a clearer skin. The right facewash will wash out all the dirt, impurities and excess oil. Use facewash in the morning and night after you come back from work, also use the facewash when you feel that your skin has been exposed to dirt, pollution for long time. Our recommendation is to go for the facewash that is good in fighting the skin impurities, dirt and extracting excessive oil from skin

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5) Avoid fried foods

how to get rid of pimples
It will be very tempting to eat when you will see the delicious potato chips, french fries in front of you, but all those foods are powerhouse of saturated fats, cholesterol and carbohydrates which will quickly increase the oil content of the your skin and result in more pimples. Moreover this is not good for your overall body health.

6) Avoid Soft drinks

how to get rid of pimples
Soft Drinks mainly contains sugars in very high quantities. These highly refined sugars that are put into sweets promote the breakdown of the skin collagen. Collagen being the skin tissue which holds the skin together firmly gets affected and so the skin slowly loses its elasticity. Moreover, it will also make your skin unhealthy and pimple prone.

7) Avoid pizza, burger (products made from Maida- highly refined wheat flour )

how to get rid of pimples
Pizza's and Burgers are one of the most tempting of all foods, it is very difficult to say 'no' to eating a pizza/ burgers and in our modern lifestyle, we often eat these food items at lots of our get together’s and parties. But we want you to avoid/reduce-eating fast foods to get clearer glowing skin. These are made from the highly refined wheat flour (Maida), which is easily digestible and will suddenly spike up the sugar levels in the body. It promotes skin sagging, making your skin unhealthy as you age and more pimple prone.

8) 8-10 glasses of Water

home remedies for pimples
Our body is mainly made from water and influences 100 percent of the processes in our body, so it’s best to stay hydrated all day. Most of time when you feel you are hungry, mostly we are not hungry for food we just need to stay hydrated. 

Healthy water content will help in washing away the impurities settled inside the body and make your skin look more nourished. Make sure that you drink at least 2 litres of water in a day which is around 10 glasses of water. 

9) Avoid often touching of hands to face skin

Our hands have the highest amount of germs as hands are in physically contact with the things we use around. So you need to be conscious to touch our hands on our face, as the germs will spread on face skin and cause more pimples. So whenever the hands come in contact with your face make sure your hands are clean to avoid spread of acne/ pimples on face.

10) Green Tea

home remedies for pimples
Green tea is the power house of anti-oxidants. Green tea has one of the highest content of anti-oxidants than any other foods. Anti-oxidants have been proved to fight free radicals which will give a boost to your skin and help you get glowing healthier skin. Drink at least 2 cups of green tea daily for a younger glowing wrinkle free skin. Apart from giving your face skin its powers of anti ageing and healthier skin, the green tea is also good for your overall health- check out 8 health benefits of green tea

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Also I would recommend you to read about the healthy skin foods, that can do wonders to your face skin, so that your skin stays younger in many years to come- 8 Healthy Foods To Eat For Having Younger Beautiful Skin

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