Top 10 Best In-Ear Earphones For Around /Below Rs.1000

There are many good in-ear earphones available in the market for under Rs.1000, but we need to choose and buy the best earphones/Headphones for great music experience. The best In-ear earphones with the good price are the ones with that offers good sound frequency range of at least minimum of 20 to 20,000 Hz with good bass and some additional features like noise cancellation.

There are many good In-ear earphones under Rs.1000 of the various brands like sony, audio technica, Skullcandy, JBL etc available, but some of them are best buy with the features they offer with consideration of price of Rs.1000. Here are the 10 best earphones (with and without mic) options chosen with consideration of price, brand and sound quality.

1) Audio Technica Earphones with price of around Rs.990

These 3 grams earphones comes have an audio frequency range from 20-20,000 Hz. The 3.5mm jack is gold plated to deliver the best crystal clear sound. It comes with an Ear-fit design which provides maximum sound isolation and prevents sound leakage. It has Crisp, clear audio quality, Compact body provides long-listening comfort, Includes ear tips available in four sizes  depending upon the ears comfort.

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2) SoundMAGIC ES18S In-Ear Earphone with Mic for price of Rs.750

 Best In-Ear-Earphones-for-around-Rs-1000The SoundMAGIC ES18S delivers accurate and detailed sound for your perfect enjoyment of music and quality sound.  It drastically reduces unwanted outside noises. The earphone accurately reproduces the natural percept of a pure tone. Even when listening to an old favorite, you may feel like you're hearing it for the first time. The Neodymium magnet makes for high fidelity listening, creating a seal that isolates your music from your surroundings
·  Inline microphone and remote button, works with most smart phones and tablets.
·  Transducers: Dynamic 10mm Neodymium Driver
·  Frequency Range: 15Hz-22KHz
·  Cable Length: 1.2m (3.5ft)
·  3.5mm right-angle

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3)Skullcandy S2IKDZ-101 Ink'd 2 Headphone with price of around Rs.900

Skullcandy-S2IKDZ-101-Ink'd _2 _eadphone-under-1000Put these headphones on and listen to sound the way they're meant to be heard, as it is fitted with the Supreme Sound technology. These headphones are made of rigid-yet-soft and durable material, so the wires don't get tangled with time. The frequency range is 20 to 20,000 Hz which is good. These have small bass effect, also earphones have Total Harmonic Distortion less than 0.1 percent which can be considered as a additional feature while considering this earphone.

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4) Sony MDR-EX15AP Earphone(with mic) with price of around Rs.850

buy_Sony Earphone-with_mic-under-1000
The sound quality and the build quality is the really good for the price. These earphones comes with the mic, so you can enjoy good music and even take up the calls and avoid the hassle of long talking with mobile on your ear. The frequency range is 8 to 22000 Hz which is better than any earphone available in this price range category. It has deep bass, which makes sure that you get clear powerful sound effects.

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5) JBL T100A Wired Headphones(includes mic) with price of Rs. 999

buy-JBL_T100A_Wired_Headphones- with-mic-under-1000These earphones are lightweight and compact so you can listen to your favorite muxic albums for hours, comfortably. It has an inline microphone that lets you take calls without taking the headphones off. These earphones are super stylish with the sporty red colour. The frequency range is 20 to 22000 hz with the noise cancellation capacity of 18. These headphones have 8 mm drivers that deliver deep, accurate and rich audio. It also features deep bass, so you never miss the sound beats of the high pitch songs.

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6) Asus AHSU001 Zenear Earphone (Black) for Rs.900

 Best In-Ear-Earphones-for-around-Rs-1000
This newly launched earphones in Dec-2015, are coming from a Taiwan based company who started out manufacturing Intel motherboards and then smart phones. They are now gaining lots of popularity for their features and quality. The earphones have the best sound quality with the great powerful bass.

a) Crystal clear sound delivery
b) Aesthetic and ergonomically designed for a perfect fit
c) These are earphones with headphones  like sound output
d) Extreme bass boost
e) Superb treble effect

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7) Sony MDR-AS200 On-the-ear Wired Headphones for Rs.750 (Specially for the one active in sports & travels alot )

 Best In-Ear-Earphones-for-around-Rs-1000
Sony mdr-AS200 is an On-the-ear Wired Headphones which we have included in in-the-ear earphones specially for people who are active in sports and are looking to buy earphones that is lightweight and adjustable. Earphones that will fit precisely around the ear with an ear loop so they won't come off while jogging and also if you travel alot, then this earphones will fit properly to your ears. These headphones are sweat resistant so you can go jogging with these on and sweat won't leak in. 

a) Amazing Sound Response- Listen to music and spice up your workout as these headphones deliver crisp details in your music, thanks to the 13.5 mm driver. These headphones work well over a frequency range of 17 to 22000 Hz.
b) water Resistant- These headphones are gifted with a water-resistant housing so sweat doesn't leak in, preventing damage.
c) Design- Fitting a wide range of ear sizes, these headphones have the clip on style design with an ear loop fitted around the ear for a comfortable fit. The serrated cord prevents these from tangling up.

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8) OnePlus Silver Bullet Earphones for Rs.900

 Best In-Ear-Earphones-for-around-Rs-1000
The best designs are the ones that you barely notice. Everything about the OnePlus Silver Bullet Earphones is the result of careful consideration for the inconspicuous.Each piece of the OnePlus Silver Bullet Earphones has been meticulously designed, engineered, and crafted for an incredibly strong yet comfortable feel.

a) The brushed aluminum casing protects the earphones from the wear and tear of everyday use. Even the headphone jack was twisted 30,000 times in our quality assurance tests to ensure durability and longevity. 
b)Created for music lovers, the OnePlus Silver Bullet Earphones deliver a truly balanced and immersive listening experience
c) Powerful bass-Your music will get a real boost with our superior dynamic stereo speaker system.
d) Good Frequency Response-Enjoy fluid transitions from treble to mid-range frequencies with dynamic bass response.

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9) Skullcandy X2spfy-835 Earphones with mic on price of Rs.890


These budget earphones comes with Ambient Chatter Reduction feature that shuts down the voice coming from outside and lets you enjoy your music in peace. These stylish in-ear headphones from Skullcandy will take your music listening experience to the good level.  Bass effect is not available in these earphones. The hands-free mic makes your calling sessions effortless. With a 3.5 mm gold-plated plug, the style-factor of the headphones only gets higher. 

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10) Creative EP-650 Earphones for Price of around Rs.750

One of the most affordable high sound quality earphones for price under Rs.1000. The earphones offers the best in class sound quality with superb sound frequency response

a) 1 Year Manufacture Warranty
b) In-ear-canalphone Design
c) 9 mm Headphone Driver Units
d) Neodymium Magnet
e) 16 ohm Headphone Impedance
f) 16 Hz - 23000 Hz Headphone Frequency Response

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