Top 10 Best Most Luxurious Hotel Resorts In The World

Whenever you think of planning a stay in a good hotel or resort, you think of big luxurious rooms with great food and other luxurious Amenities (Wifi specially). What if you get to know that there are some hotels and resorts which will change your definition of luxury and make you feel like a prince. They are the worlds best beach resorts and hotels. These hotel resort destinations are new definition for luxury, scenic beauty, modern connectivity facilities combined with great food. Here goes our picks of the top 10 best luxurious hotel destination's across the world to try in 2016.

Luxurious Hotel Resort 1: Nayara Spring, Costa rica, Central America

Rated as no. 2 hotel of the world in Year 2014. It is located in the renal Volcano National Park in amidst of nature. You would find perfect luxury in the cluster of secluded luxury villas. Often in city's we hardly find a quiet place in between our fast lives to just sit and relax, So here you can relax all day long amidst the beautiful nature.

Luxurious Hotel Resort 2: Koh Tao , Surat Thani Province, Thailand      

Located at Turtle Island, which is a small tropical island in the Gulf of Thailand. It has breath taking view of the sea with private pool has an relaxation area for your leisure activities and has a good sunny climate all year round. Sea with private pool.

Luxurious Hotel Resort 3: Point Clear Cottages, Inns in Fairhope, United States

Located beside the breezy sea at fairhope, Alabama state, United States. Luxury at its best, beautiful sunset view from your Cottage. During the night time you will enjoy the calmness and beauty around the cottage. Also, you will enjoy the humid subtropical climate here all year round.

Luxurious Hotel Resort 4: Welsh Hills Inn, Ohio, United States 

Welsh Hills Inn situated amidst welsh hills at Granville, Ohio, united states. Surrounded by 15 acres of greenery of tall trees like alpaca and countryside. You can explore the hiking trails, fishing pond with resident ducks and fountain, clay bocce ball court (lighted), shooting and archery range around the Welsh Inns. Here in Welsh Inns you will enjoy horseback riding, the lush greenery, the relaxing atmosphere, big golf courses, beautiful hills around the welsh inns combined with the great food. Plan a trip here for a calm slow relaxing life amidst natures lap.

Luxurious Hotel Resort 5: Atlantis, Bahamas, North America    

Atlantis is Situated at an island in Bahamas, north America. It has an aqua park having the best view of the adjacent sea, there is a bridge that takes you to the Atlantis which makes up for a very beautiful scenic beauty.The Bridge Suite at the Atlantis Paradise  Island is perfect fit to make you feel like a king at  approx. $25,000 a night.

Luxurious Hotel Resort 6: Grand Hyatt, Hotel Cannes Riviera-Martinez, France 

It is located at Cannes, France. It Offers a breath taking view of the sea and mountains. Enjoy poolside or near sea as it has the sunny weather all year round. This hotel is one of the most costliest hotels starting with room rates from approx 5000$ and the Penthhouse suite(in the photo above) at the grand Hyatt cannes Martinez gives you feeling of a movie star for approx $37,500 a night.              

Luxurious Hotel Resort 7: Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur, India

Located in City of Palaces, Udaipur, India. This 5-star palace is situated in the middle of the beautiful lake named Pichola. The scenic beautiful view of the lake and the hill nearby adds to the charm of this palace. The Royal Indian food combined with the big palace rooms will make you feel like a king. Go and experience this Palace in the Udaipur city of India to experience the life of a king in 21st century.

Luxurious Hotel Resort 8: Hotel Gresham Palace, Budapest, Germany 

The Palace is Situated in Budapest, Hungary's Capital. This palace have been the chosen as winner in the "Traveler's choice award" category in 2016 by Trip-advisor. The palace will take you back in 19th century times as this was made in year 1906. It offers beautiful view of the city, situated beside the river close to Budapest Hungary Chain Bridge. There is big opera house inside palace, where you can enjoy the dinner on a table for 2 with many other musical performances.

Luxurious Hotel Resort 9: Southern ocean lodge-kangaroo island, Australia  

Situated on the small hill cliff ,close to the Southern ocean Australia. It has the breath taking view of the ocean and hills. The weather is Sub tropical almost all year round. Go here to give a miss to your busy daily schedule and relax in the sun amidst the beautiful scenic beauty . 

Luxurious Hotel 10: Burj Al Arab, Dubai

We had saved one of the best hotels of the world for the last. Burj Al Arab is a man made marvel, this 7 star hotel stands on the artificial man made inland in the middle of the sea. The hotel is connected to the city via a bridge. As its a 7-star hotel so apart from just food you will get the best breadth taking view of the sea, the aerial view of the Dubai city, enjoy the recreation activities like aerobics, yoga classes and free water park access, get massage, Spa or get golf lessons nearby. You can land to the top of this hotel in your own helicopter as well, as this hotel have its own helipad. This 7 star hotel is an ultimate luxurious experience that you can only get here.

So when ever you plan your next trip to some of the most luxurious hotel resorts, then you can plan to one of these beautiful hotel resort destination of the world.

Do share your experiences about these hotels/ resorts if you have been to these top 10 awesome beautiful destinations or also do share other best hotels trips that you have done that made you feel like the prince, we would love to hear your experiences and what you think about our list of best hotels around the world in the comment box...                                             


  1. Really awesome destinations, planning next trip to one of these destinations soon.

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  3. Nice resorts & hotels, now I'm planning to visit atleast one of these beautiful destinations this year for sure.